Blog Ko Google Search Me Kaise Laye? ब्लॉग को गूगल सर्च कंसोल में कैसे जोड़ें?

Google Research indicates which websites are the most popular and which ones employ the most fundamental SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. There are a few crucial procedures that need to be followed in order to access the next Google Research website:

1. Sitemap Submission:

You can submit a sitemap for a website using Google Search Console. Sitemaps, which are lists of pages on a website that search engines index, allow users to easily navigate around an entire website.

2. Robots.txt File:

To create a robots.txt file, navigate to the root directory of any website. These days, search engines are mostly used to find pages that are either indexed or not.

3. Quality Content:

One website that offers original and high-quality content. Websites with valuable content are given priority by search engines, particularly Google.

4. Keywords Ka Sahi Istemaal:

Relevant keywords should be used in content to make it stand out. I will investigate and use a few popular keywords from each field.

5. Design for Mobile Devices:

 This website is optimized for mobile devices. Google emphasizes mobile-first indexing, thus it's crucial that websites are designed to be responsive.

6. Page Speed Optimization:

The loading speed of a website should be optimized. Search engines prioritize websites that load slowly. One website's speed can be checked using the Google PageSpeed Insights system.

7. Backlinks:

Reputable and pertinent websites have backlinks. Backlinks give a website authority and credibility, which is why search engines give it a higher ranking.

8. Social Media Promotion:

Share the content on various social media sites. Social media signals are the key to search engine ranking success.

9. Internal Linking:

A website's pages can be linked internally using the beech system. These users have access to a better website with more relevant content than ever before.

10. Update Your Content Frequently:

Update your website frequently. Search engines can find new or updated content this way.

11. Google My Business:

If you are a local business owner, you can register your company on Google My Business. Visibility of local search results is very high.

12. Structured Data Markup (also known as Schema Markup):

Schema Markup is a system that allows search engines to offer structured content to users, resulting in the presentation of rich snippets.

These suggestions are based on the system and can be found on any website, even Google Research. It is true that SEO is a constant process, and new techniques are updated on a regular basis.

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