Google Adsense Account kaise banaye 2024 | How to Create Google Adsense Account For YouTube And Blogger |

Through the display of tailored ads, website owners and content creators can monetize their online material via Google AdSense, a well-known advertising platform. Here's how to open an AdSense account step-by-step:

1. Produce Content: 

Make sure your website, blog, or YouTube channel has unique, high-quality content before submitting an AdSense application. AdSense is searching for excellent material that adheres to their guidelines for the program.

2. Requirements for Websites and Blogs: 

Make sure your website complies with AdSense guidelines. having enough material, an understandable navigation system, and a privacy policy.

3. Requirements for YouTube Channels: 

If you are applying via a YouTube channel, make sure that your videos are original and have a high viewing duration. YouTube also has particular requirements for qualifying.

4. Age Requirement: 

In order to take part in the AdSense program, you must be at least 18 years old.

5. Go to the AdSense website:

Click "Sign up now" after visiting the AdSense website (

6. Use Your Google Account to Log in:

Enter the credentials from your current Google account to log in. You will need to establish a Google account if you do not already have one.

7. Add Your YouTube Channel or Website: 

If you are applying with a website, please provide the URL of your website. Give the URL of your YouTube channel if it's one. Don't forget to include precise and thorough information.

8. Select Your Language and Nation:

Choose the language that you want to use and the nation that your content is mostly intended for.

9. Provide Personal Information: 

Please enter your name, phone number, and address in this section. Make sure the data corresponds with the information in your tax return.

10. Accept the following terms and conditions:

The AdSense Terms & Conditions should be read and accepted. To prevent any problems in the future, make sure you comprehend the rules and regulations.

11. Select Your Ad Preferences: 

Adjust your ad preferences according to your tastes. The ad kinds and styles that work best for your website or content are yours to select.

12. Verify Your Phone Number: 

Google could ask you to provide a verification code that is sent to you in order to validate your phone number.

13. Await Approval: 

Google will examine your website or content following the submission of your application. This could take many days to complete. After being accepted, you may begin running advertisements and making money.

It is imperative that you adhere to AdSense's stringent standards in order to keep your account in good standing. To guarantee a fruitful and long-lasting collaboration with AdSense, always adhere to moral standards and produce worthwhile content.

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